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Auto liability is by far the largest exposure to an individual or family and it can be devastating to find out in the midst of a claim that you are not adequately insured. During this economic enviroment everyone is trying to cut down on cost but many times the consumer is unaware that liability coverage is the least expensive but most important coverage you can have. Let our experienced staff guide you through the decision making process of streamlining cost without putting all that you have worked for at risk.

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Our homes are probably our largest asset and yet so many times clients come to us with their homes way under valued. We take pride in the fact that our agency inspects and values every home to replacement that we insure. Our staff works with our insureds and prospective clients to educate them on the difference between "replacement" and "market" value. This is a very important factor when placing a value, as so many times the client feels that we should only cover the home for what they paid for it, not realizing the home could be grossly under-insured if a total loss were to occur.

We also take the time to explain the co-insurance clause built into every standard homeowners policy (HO3), which states that a home must be valued within 80% of it's replacement value or at the time of a loss the insured will be penalized (deducted from claim payment) the same percentage that the home is insured under the 80% threshold.

We offer a wide range of coverages to help you meet your home insurance needs, including guaranteed replacement coverage on the dwelling.(HO5) This coverage guarantees the replacement of your home regardless of the replacement value at the time it was written but it must have been written at the 100% replacement value. A very few other carriers offer a true replacement policy.

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Life Insurance...not a popular topic. While most people tend to put life insurance on the back burner it could be one of the most important coverages your family or loved one will ever need. Our life specialist realize that death is a part of life but also understand that a premature death of a child, spouse, or family member is devasting to the whole family. It is not a time a person wants to be thinking-can I afford to bury my spouse, or how wilI I raise our children on my own, but too often this is the case.

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Commercial insurance policies that you will commonly hear will include liability coverages, property coverages, auto coverage, worker's compensation, and bonds. Riders or endorsements can be added to policies to cover a multitude of specific needs such as contractors tools and/or equipment, Inland marine coverages such as cargo or materials coverage, hired/non-owned autos coverage, monies and securities coverage, etc. Commercial policies, unlike personal lines, many times can be packaged together under one policy to give the businessowner the best protection at an even better price.

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Reduce the risk associated with crop damage. Get the satisfaction and security in knowing you are protected. Contact the knowledgeable staff at Schauber Van Schaik & Associates for help in selecting the right plan for you.

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You can't think of the Eastern Shore and not think of boats. Boating is a popular sport whether, fishing, sailing, canoeing, crabbing, or water skiing. Owning a boat is a major investment in time and money and all boatowners are partial to their boats- just look at the names of boats and it opens the window to just how personal they become to their owners! Important with any policy,is knowing the appropriate information to properly cover and accuately rate the boat, such as how the boat is used, where the boat is navigated, age of the boat, top speed of the boat,horsepower of the engine verses the length of the boat, are all pertinent factors. Our agency offers coverage from small skiffs to large yachts, matching a clients boat up with the company that can best protect it, at the most reasonable cost. We represent carriers that offer replacement cost part repair and other additional coverages that are available. Our experienced and personable staff are here to help "navigate" our clients to the best boat protection on the shore-happy boating!

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No- a homeowners does not cover flood! This is a common misconception among many homeowners. We are hit with numerous calls before, during and after a flood threat and still can not believe how many people think their homeowners covers flood. There is coverage under a homeowner for sewer and drain back -up but there is only one way to cover surface water that floods your home or property and that is with a seperate flood policy through the National Flood program.

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