Cambridge Office

# Cambridge Agents

Olin Kelly // Office Manager

Olin does a phenominal job managing our Cambridge office. While he has to wear many hats and can find that a challenge from time to time, he consistantly seems to read his bosses mind! At first glance you would pick up on his no nonsense, just get the job done approach, but look a little further because underneath he is a very caring teddy bear, although rumor has it that he "needs" to eat on time!! A devoted father and grandfather, Olin proudly displays their many pictures on his desk and participates in many family activities.

Olin is a very loyal, devoted employee, who will do whatever is asked of him...even when it might not be exactly his idea of a day in paradise! Heavily influenced by family and Christian beliefs, Olin services our clients with the same values that have been instilled in him by his parents and he is ready to go above and beyond to help them. Email:

Susan Ray // Personal Lines Agent